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Decorative glass

In order to receive a patterned glass, a special roller made of metal is rolled on the surface of the glass during its production, thanks to which the pattern is formed in the thickness of glass and stays with it forever.

It is possible to produce strict geometry figures or patterns as well as forms of free organization, which can flow, as it would seem, as they wish. Another advantage of patterned glass in addition to, well, patterns, is that it is opaque, that is, it’s a healthy alternative to matte glass, which allows you to have bigger freedom of choice when it comes to interior or exterior.

We offer you to buy patterned glass in wholesale and retail from us, in any amount, with the guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • Decorative satin glass (made in Turkey and Ukraine) and rolled patterned glass is available
  • European standard EN 572, American standard ASTM C1036
  • Thickness – 4 mm and others on order
  • Many variations of patterns and colors
  • Dimensions: 2250 х 1605, 2000 х 1500 mm.

Options of using the patterned glass:

  1. Decorative function
  2. Using to make opaque interiors and premises, whilst effectively creating privacy and having a pattern, which one can study with eyes for a long time
  3. Decreasing the light pollution of the premise thanks to an effective scattering of sun rays coming through the glass
  4. Creating a high level of personalization of the premise – as it is much more pleasing to an eye to see patterned glass than just regular one
  5. A possibility to combine it with other glass options and materials
  6. It effectively looks in furniture and interior design (usual cabinets and compartments, doors, windows, interior partitions, the creation of work cabins, shower cabins and screens, glazing balconies, creating beautiful shelves, in the kitchen interior and other types of applications).

You can find these pattern options: Bubble, Damas, Pirilti, Sale, Sarmasik, Krezet, Delta, Karatach. Some of them are sold only in wholesale whilst others are sold both in wholesale and retail. Address us already today to create your unique interior!



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