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Glass bevelling

The glass beveling is a decorative procedure, connected to the processing of an edge of a mirror or glass. This procedure is actively used when producing furniture or mirrors for interiors.  During the processing, the edge of a blank is being cut under a specific angle, which varies up to 45°. Thanks to it, glass acquires a beautiful decorative frame. The glass edges may be polished or made matte, depending on the client’s wishes. The bevel refracts the sun rays, creating a gamut of the most appealing hues – which makes such a design extremely appealing for interior, that’s why beveling is especially used in the author design projects. Another interesting field of application is in stained-glass windows and panels that are used to decorate walls, doors, partitions between rooms and to create cabinet furniture.


The best option for bevelled glass is interior doors, cabinet doors, shelves and coffee tables. Such an environment creates a feeling of lightness and visually expands the space. Another interesting area of ​​application is mirror panels, which are used for wall decoration, and for glass and mirror parts in furniture production.

We offer production of high-quality bevel on glass and mirrors:

✔20 × 20 mm - the minimum size in length and height;

✔2000 × 3000 mm - the maximum size in length and height;

✔ Bevel width: 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm;

✔ Bevel can be made on glass from 4 to 19 mm and on a mirror from 4 mm;

✔ Bevel can be made on the straight and curved detail.


The glass beveling can be different. There are straight and curved beveled tiles. The straight beveling is perfect for making blanks with straight lines and angles. It is possible to make a skew of up to 40 mm thanks to it. It is possible to make beveling on the glass having from 5 to 15 mm in thickness. The curved beveling is created specifically to make not straight bevels. It is done in two stages: the first bevel is done under one angle and the second is done under another angle. The double-sided beveling is done from both sides of a blank of glass or mirror, with an approachable angle of 3°… 45°.

Polishing is the finalizing stage, which is also known as segmented matting of the glass, which makes it possible to create a matte beveling.

Beveling turns regular glass or mirror into a stylish interior’s piece, thanks to which a user receives an individually-looking product. To enhance the effect and the designer’s idea, it is possible to use different types of glass – many consumers combine transparent and matte glass or mirrors.

The best options for using the beveled glass are interior doors, cabinet doors, shelves, and coffee tables. Such use creates the feeling of ease and visually widens the space, freeing it.

When it comes to mirror beveling, it’s the easiest and most effective way to receive a luxurious interior item. It is possible to create a mirror panel, mosaic or beveled tile to decorate even the simplest and most concise interior with appealing detail.


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Glass bevelling

What types of glass faceting do you offer?

We offer a variety of faceting options such as rectangular, round, and some stylized shapes depending on your choice and design.

What sizes and thicknesses of glass can be used to make facets on glass?

We can produce facets on glass of various thicknesses and sizes. Usually, we work with glass thicknesses from 4 mm to 10 mm, but we can consider other options at your request.

Can I choose the color of the facet on the glass?

Yes, we offer the possibility of choosing a color for the facet. You can choose a color that matches your interior or your personal style.

How long does it take to produce a glass facet?

The production time depends on the complexity and scope of work. We usually try to fulfill orders within 1-2 weeks, but variations are possible depending on specific conditions.

Is it possible to make a facet on an existing window or mirror?

For example, we can make a facet on an existing window or mirror, giving a new look to the interior and enhancing its aesthetic characteristics.

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