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Glass countertops

The glass table will  impressive in any interior. Here you can order glass countertops in a huge variance of performances. Main advantage of glass countertops is in its transparency: the function of the table is originally combined with the fact that it does not steal almost a single centimeter of space visually. And how many original ideas for creating a table allows such glass countertops! One more thing: remember that glass countertops can be combined with a million different table-legs, edging and decoration materials. Here you can definitely give free rein to your imagination!


There are many options for making glass countertops, depending on design specifications. In our glass processing factory we offer:

✔ Glass with a thickness of 3 to 12 mm;

✔ Production of laminated glass with a transparent, opaque or colorless interior film;

All types of glass to choose from: transparent, ultra clear, tinted, patterned;

We perform all types of the necessary processing of an edge: straight or figured, glass bevelling (from 5 to 40 mm).

The design may include painting or sandblasting.

Production company  "Sfera Glass" will custom-make beautiful and reliable glass countertops at affordable prices and with a quality guarantee.

Automated equipment in our production allows us to carry out orders in bulk volumes, so we offer favorable prices for orders over 50 m2.

For design companies, architects, builders and companies that work in the filed of installation of glass products, we offer individual terms of cooperation, which you can find out by contacting our managers. Fill out an online application on the website or call us by phone!

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What is the price for glass countertops of SferaGlass company?
To calculate the cost of glass countertops use the calcutalor, order a calculation on the website or call us at 067-230-05-12.
How fast can we make glass countertops?
In avarage we make glass countertops within 14 working days from the date of payment.
Can I order glass countertops according to your individual measurements.
In our production, you can order glass countertops according to your individual measurements. To do this, use the feedback form on the website or call tel. 067-230-05-12.
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