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Swing glass doors

Swing glass doors of hinged type are a business card for malls, boutiques, beauty salons, and business centers. Their peculiarity is in a special mechanism, which allows doors to open on both sides, making the opening range equal to 180°. Swing glass doors have a good name thanks to their practicality, stylish design, and simple mounting process.

“Sfera Glass” company offers you to order swing glass doors at a reasonable price. The company has been manufacturing glass constructions for two decades, has a large assortment of products and a broad spectrum of additional services.

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Swing glass doors can be installed without a doorframe after the doorway was specially prepared. The construct presupposes two types of installation: ceiling + floor or side. Especial attention in manufacturing of swing glass doors is paid to fittings, which shall carry the load of the doors and intensive daily loads of their openings and closures.

You can buy custom-made swing glass doors in the “Sfera Glass” company in various makes and forms. They can be translucent, frosted, sandblasted, straight, curved, with a frame or not – all having moderate prices that fluctuate depending on the thickness of glass (4-19 mm), height, and complexity of the design.

✓ High-quality glass for your project is always available;

✓ Full production cycle guarantees a cost-effective price for the customer;

✓ Our specialists have vast experience in implementing projects for the production and installation of glass doors.

Our terms of cooperation are aimed at expanding the client base, so if you are interested in the production of glass doors, please contact our managers for a commercial offer.

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Swing glass doors

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