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Glass fences and balustrades

Do you want to buy fences made of glass? A wise decision to zone your space, whilst not piling it up with walls, and not stealing visually anything that should not be stolen.

Also, many people will appreciate the aesthetics of fences made of glass, ordering which from our online catalog is one click away, with the sizes you need. But if you’re here not for aesthetics – then we don’t know what else it can be when you’re buying glass.


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Glass fences are made of strong tempered glass, 10 mm thick or laminated glass (6 + 6, 8 + 8). This glass can withstand severe loads and environmental influences.

The maximum recommended dimensions are parts with a size of 1500 mm x 1100 mm.

In order for the glass structure to meet the requirements of safety and strength, our specialists do the processing of glass edges, drill the necessary holes and cutouts for fittings, as well as tempering glass or making triplex glass.

At our production you can order glass fences for balconies, terraces, sports facilities and even ... zoos. One of our most popular projects is glass fences for terraces for street cafes and restaurants.

Other popular designs include glass fences for sports fields, recreation areas in parks and panoramic terraces.

If you are interested in glass fences, leave a request and get competent advice from our managers.


Glass fences and balustrades


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