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Glass partitions

You can order glass partitions from us made of different types of glass: colorless, matte, or toned. Or, probably, you’d like to have a patterned glass or one having a mirror surface? It is all possible to have in glass partitions, buying which from us is not only profitable but also appealing due to our one-stop services, such as delivery and installation. 

We’re sure that you’ve been lacking such ‘airiness’, as glass gives to the interior. The interior partitions are the maximally suitable option to bring the sunlight to saturate your life with new patterns!

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Glass partitions are made of durable safe tempered glass, 8 to 12 mm thick.

You can order glass partitions from us of various types of glass: clear, frosted or tinted.

Before giving the glass additional strength by tempering, the glass sheet is processed along the edge perimeter, the necessary cutouts and holes for the fittings are made.

Designs may include painting or sandblasting.

According to the needs of our clients, our specialists carry out design, selection of fittings and installation.

✓ High-quality glass for your project is always in stock;

✓ Full production cycle is cost-effective for the customer;

✓Our specialists have vast experience in implementing projects for the production and installation of glass partitions.

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Glass partitions


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