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Glass partitions

You can order glass partitions from us made of different types of glass: colorless, matte, or toned. Or, probably, you’d like to have a patterned glass or one having a mirror surface? It is all possible to have in glass partitions, buying which from us is not only profitable but also appealing due to our one-stop services, such as delivery and installation. 

We’re sure that you’ve been lacking such ‘airiness’, as glass gives to the interior. The interior partitions are the maximally suitable option to bring the sunlight to saturate your life with new patterns!

Choose Glass partitions
Choose Glass partitions
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Glass partitions are made of durable safe tempered glass, 8 to 12 mm thick.

You can order glass partitions from us of various types of glass: clear, frosted or tinted.

Before giving the glass additional strength by tempering, the glass sheet is processed along the edge perimeter, the necessary cutouts and holes for the fittings are made.

Designs may include painting or sandblasting.

According to the needs of our clients, our specialists carry out design, selection of fittings and installation.

✓ High-quality glass for your project is always in stock;

✓ Full production cycle is cost-effective for the customer;

✓Our specialists have vast experience in implementing projects for the production and installation of glass partitions.

To leave a request, fill out the online form on the website or call us by phone.

Працюють швидко та якісно! Робота менеджерів на високому рівні.
Vlad Petryk
Взялися за складне замовлення без вагань. Що приємно, після погодження та обмірів підписується договір, а не як завжди - скиньте на карту привату. Вклалися в строки, установку провели швидко, все це за розумну вартість.
Андрей Док
Спасибі за встановлену перегородку, і окреме дякую майстрам (рідко можна зустріти монтажників, які роблять не на тяп-ляп), тут звичайно дуже порадували. Ну і ціни приємні, найнижчі у місті. Незабаром буде ще робітниця, наче звернуся ще раз! Дякую.
Michael FTF
Професіонали. Ціни адекватні. Свій цех із верстатами з обробки скла. Крапки по місту типу "прирізка скла" (на ковдрі) і за цінами вдвічі вище зворушують) Скло в душ кабіну – це добре. Але де товари типу двері в душ кабінку. З фурнітурою не дружать. Або немає фахівців
Лилия Золотарева
Замовила скло, зробили швидко та якісно, дякую!
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What glass options are available for partitions?

We provide a variety of glass options including plain glass, frosted glass for increased privacy, and sandblasted or colored inset glass. This allows customers to choose options to suit their taste and interior design.

How can glass partitions be used to optimize space in offices or commercial spaces?

Glass partitions effectively divide space while preserving natural light and openness. They help to create separate working areas without depriving the room of its overall transparency, which is particularly important for modern office and commercial concepts.

How is the strength and safety of glass partitions ensured?

Our partitions are made of high quality tempered glass, which makes them more durable and resistant to mechanical impact. In case of damage, it splits into small pieces, reducing the risk of injury.

How do I order glass partitions?

The ordering process starts with a consultation and measurement of the room. We will discuss your requirements and propose an optimal solution. After that, we start manufacturing and installing the partitions using professional technologies and materials.

What advantages do glass partitions offer in modern interior design?

They add openness to a room by letting in light and creating visual space. They also add a modern and elegant style and keep the room feeling spacious.

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