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Concealed glass doors

A new trend of modern days is concealed glass doors, which are a ‘trump in the sleeve’ of designers when they create modern-looking interiors. These doors stand out from the crowd thanks to the absence of platbands and visible fasteners, which are changed to more modern fixings and concealed door hinges.

Concealed glass doors are able to broaden the space visually. Their other usage in the premises can be merging with the existing interior. They can be produced of tinted, mirror, sandblasted, or decorated glass, being conceived at the early stages of renovations.

“Sfera Glass”, a company that manufactures translucent custom-made constructs of glass, offers you to order from us concealed glass doors for your office, mall, home, or beauty salon.

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Buying concealed glass doors from us will make sure you have a stylish element of the interior, which can be made with a logo of your brand. You can sandblast the logo of your brand on the doors or tint them to make sure the confidentiality inside the premises equipped with such doors. The price for the glass construct is fair and fully in line with its high quality, functionality, and reliability. Our company also can provide you a large list of extra services: cutting, gluing, delivery, decoration, and installation.

✓ High-quality glass for your project is always available;

✓ Full production cycle guarantees a cost-effective price for the customer;

✓ Our specialists have vast experience in implementing projects for the production and installation of glass doors.

Our terms of cooperation are aimed at expanding the client base, so if you are interested in the production of glass doors, please contact our managers for a commercial offer.

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Concealed glass doors

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