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Mirrors can be moisture resistant and for furniture. The first are installed in dry premises, which are not exposed to harsh and frequent variations of temperature and humidity, that's why they are produced using the standard method (by spraying silver or interchangeable metal). When the second ones are produced, additional requirements are imposed. Since the moisture-resistant mirror is going to be exposed nearly every day to high shifts of humidity, it does not have to tarnish or to change its physical properties. You might have noticed that some mirrors start to tarnish from edges to center or having separate spots of tarnishing in different parts of its surface. That means that you have put a regular, not moisture resistant, mirror to your bathroom or that a seller has sold you rubbish. In order to protect the mirror from tarnishing, after the sprayed silver’s layer, an additional layer of copper is applied, which is then covered with protective enamel, which protects the copper from oxidizing.  The edge of the moisture-resistant mirror has to undergo a special treatment to prevent getting moisture inside of the product. This can be done through the same spraying or applying additional protective film.


  • Thickness from 3 to 5 mm
  • There are ordinary (moisture resistant)  and furniture options
  • They can have a normal reflective surface that does not distort colors or can have a painted reflective surface, or the glass itself can be painted (in bronze, green, yellow, red, blue and other colors)
  • A lot of sizes depending on the use; cutting can also be individual.

If you’re going to use a mirror without an external frame, the edge of it is going to be treated in a way to prevent a threat to humans (exclude cuts). When it comes to furniture mirror, the edge of which will always be inside of the body of the furniture, its edge does not necessarily need to be treated.

The assortment of mirrors includes more than just three named options. Lately, it became popular to buy tiles with a mirror surface. Most frequently, such tile is applied in bathrooms but it also can be applied in a toilet, kitchen, bedroom, or living room. The mirror tile is treated in the same way as the moisture-resistant mirror.

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