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Glass painting

Painted glass is widely used for interior decoration, in the production of doors and partitions, in the manufacture of wardrobes, furniture items and other interior details.
Glass painting is our popular service for making glass and mirror products more interesting. It is actively used to create designer interiors. We have at our disposal a large selection of paints according to the RAL table, which will allow us to fulfill your order on time and with a quality guarantee, and the industrial volumes of glass painting allow us to offer favorable prices for our customers.


Glass painting is one of the new services, but there are already several technologies that allow us to paint glass in any color.

Painted glass is resistant to any mechanical stress and fading of paints, and due to tempering, the glass gains special strength, maintaining absolute safety of use.

Painting is done using polyurethane paints (country of origin - Switzerland), which provide a perfectly even layer. Painting is carried out by spraying in any color according to the RAL color table, both as a continuous layer and as an artistic ornament.

One of the most popular areas of our production is the application of a color picture or your company's logo on mirrors or glass interior elements.

The painted glass has diverse areas of use. Such materials are used in interior design, to produce doors and partitions, to produce double-glazed windows, furniture and other interior details. Glass painting is especially in demand in creating skirting for kitchens, whilst a wide range of colors allows fulfilling any customer wish.

The main advantage of painting is aesthetics and diversity of hues, from saturated to neutral, delivering safety and longevity. Paintings for any custom-cut glass product are not toxic yet safe; after they are dried out and hardened, the painting does not emanate smells or fumes, preserving its complete safety for a human. If it is exploited accurately, such glass will serve you for many years even without any special treatment; it will not burn out or change its color and will make you enjoyed its saturated hue and smoothness of the surface. Thus, you can order a glass for your table or buy glass shelves and paint them in the hue fitting your interior. The most important thing is to address the help of professionals. We’re always glad to help you by producing the custom-cut glass of any complexity!


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Glass painting

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