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Glazing of cottage houses

A facade of a building is its business card, which can create a unique architectural appearance. Glazing of the cottage and other houses is a solution for reaching such uniqueness, which raises the degree of comfort of living or working inside such a building. Modern technologies allow glazing of cottage houses without any serious changes to their architectural solution, which saves money and time resources of clients. Glass constructions, despite their seeming fragility and airiness, have the solid sturdiness and correspond to all modern safety standards. Production company «Sfera Glass», which produces various glass products to order, offers you to buy glass sheets to glaze cottage houses, at a low cost. You can order from us the services of creating an individual architectural project or choose various translucent constructions from our catalog: glass stairs, panels, mirrors, etc.



We offer the tempered glass which differs in the increased durability, heat resistance and flexural strength. An alternative to tempered glass can be laminated glass (also called triplex) - several layers of glass, interconnected by a special exterior polymer film, which increases the heat and sound insulation properties.

Both tempered glass and laminated glass can be made of clear or tinted float glass.

We offer production of glass facades ready for further installation.

When you’re building a structure with facade glass instead of brick-and-concrete walls as if in prison – you’re doing it promptly, economically expedient, and modern. And if Ukraine doesn’t have floods and earthquakes (it will definitely not have such as depicted in ‘San Andreas’ film for 50 nearest generations), then glass buildings will capture all big and small cities of our beloved country. And, in order to help you make your input, we’re ready to sell you any amount of front glazing, buying which from us is highly lucrative.

Here are obvious advantages of this material as the front glazing:

  1. Significant reduction of load on the entire construction, which allows building skyscrapers
  2. People inside the building do not feel as if incarcerated and cut off the world – which is of significant importance for malls
  3. You build faster and cheaper
  4. Your building will be modern and, probably, will gain some prestigious architectural awards.


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Glazing of cottage houses

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