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Mirror tiles

The broad popularity of mirror tiles is because of the possibility of creating stylish interiors, visually broadening the free space. Mirror tiles harmoniously look at the walls and ceiling, giving premises a special charm.

Mirror tiles may have special decorations received from sandblasting or can be made with bevels. The same, they can be made in non-standard shapes and have skewed edges. Such an exclusive interior element is multifunctional and can be used to decorate a living room, bathroom, or kitchen. In addition to


Production company "Sfera Glass”  offers  to order mirror tiles at a low cost from us, with decorations of the surface according to your preferences. We manufacture tiles in our glass-making factory and offer you to buy mirror constructs at a low cost in wholesale and retail.

Mirror tiles suit premises of various kinds and differ with a coefficient of moisture resistance. Speaking of decoration options, the glass can be tinted, sandblasted, decorated, in panels, and imitate golden/silver surfaces.

Additional services:

  • Assistance in preparation of a drawing
  • decoration
  • delivery
  • installation.

In our warehouse of glass and mirrors, we always have an assortment for every taste and color, shape, texture, thickness, and pattern. Below you can see the main 8 categories of glass that we offer to our clients. We work with the best glass factories around the world, building our supplier base over the years for any client's needs. Therefore, we can offer you literally all types of glass and mirrors, moreover, with delivery across the territory of Ukraine by our own vehicles.


Mirror tiles


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Mirror tiles

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