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Stationary glass partitions

In order to make a stylish decoration of an office, apartment, or beauty studio, the best thing to apply would be stationary glass walls. Not only do they make zoning of the interior without stealing precious square footage but also they’re capable of increasing the space visually, bringing more light inside.

Production company "Sfera Glass" offers you to buy for low cost the stationary glass walls according to individual sizes of the sheet, type of construct , having a thickness between 8 and 12 mm – according to whatever existing preferences of customers.

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The entire product line is of high quality, stylish look, and high durability, guaranteeing the safety of installation and exploitation. We offer:

  • large assortment of light-permeable constructions, like glass floor, panels, mirror tiles, kitchen skinali (glass cover for the wall surface), stairs, doors, tabletops, and more
  • compliance with the quality standards EN 572 & National Standard 111-2001
  • a broad spectrum of additional services: decoration, frosting, fittings, accessories, delivery, installation
  • production of glass to order in the shortest terms
  • available prices
  • high quality
  • pleasant service.



Float is a popular method of making glass, guaranteeing:

  • no defects, stains, or distortions
  • excellent optical qualities
  • preserving homogeneity and translucence
  • extra durability.

✓ High-quality glass for your project is always in stock;

✓ Full production cycle is cost-effective for the customer;

✓Our specialists have vast experience in implementing projects for the production and installation of glass partitions.

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Stationary glass partitions

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