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Glass edging

For processing of float glass and mirrors we use the own equipment, professional and reliable that guarantees the maximum quality and result which exactly coincides with client's request.

When processing the edges, the edge and sharp corners of the mirror or glass are blunted so that you cannot cut yourself. During polishing the end of the glass is processed so that it becomes transparent and smooth. Glass edging is performed on glass with a thickness of 4 to 19 mm and mirrors with a thickness from 3 mm.


The production company "Sfera Glass" offers various types of edge processing:

  • Edge grinding;
  • Edge polishing;
  • Creation of Euro-edge;
  • Edging of straight and curved parts;
  • Edge processing up to 45 °;


Modern CNC equipment allows  to simultaneously process parts from two (parallel) sides, which makes it possible to achieve an ideal vertical when making straight products. We release up to 1700 rpm daily.  straight edge.

All visible imperfections are removed from the edge by edging. Thanks to this, the edge becomes perfectly flat and smooth (special equipment removes a thin glass layer). As a result, a matte cut is formed, but the dimensions of the part hardly change. The finished processed glass can be enclosed, for example, in a profile.

Another type of processing is polishing. Polishing is considered the final stage, at which the glass gets a perfectly finished appearance. All types of ends are subject to polishing - semicircular, trapezoidal, facet mirrors and others. Polishing is especially important in cases where the glass will be toughened. Then the edge should be not only neat, but also completely safe. Professional glass edge processing is a guarantee of absolute quality "from" to "to" - from the choice of the shape to the final polishing.


You can easily address our specialists: just contact us in a preferable channel and discuss the details with our specialist. Use the opportunity to buy the tempered glass! We’re sure that you will appreciate the high level of our service and the quality of all the services we provide!


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Glass edging


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What glass edge processing services does Sphere Glass provide?

We provide a wide range of glass edge processing services such as grinding, polishing and faceting.

Can I order an individual design of glass edge treatment?

Yes, you can order an individual design of glass edge treatment, taking into account the preferences and needs of the client.

What are the benefits of glass edge treatment for customers?

Glass end treatment provides customers with benefits such as safety of use, aesthetic appearance, ease of maintenance, and product life.

What guarantees do you provide for the quality of glass edge processing?

SferaGlass guarantees high quality glass edge processing

What glass and mirror end processing technologies does your company use?

Our company applies modern face machining technologies, including the use of cup wheels on vertical and horizontal machines, CNC machining, and semi-automatic methods. We are committed to a high standard of quality and precision in every stage of machining to meet the needs of our customers.

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