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Glass edging

We use own equipment to process glass and mirror edge – it is professional and reliable, which guarantees the maximal quality and result that completely corresponds to the client’s request. A really good edge processing is not only about aesthetical side but also about safety. The processed edge of glass and mirrors makes the blank much more practical. Depending on the demands of an orderer, processing methods may differ. There are nuances in it, as well as in the cutting of the tempered glass. Before a blank is tempered, it is necessary to withdraw the stress inside the material – to make sure the glass isn’t destructed during the thermal processing. 


The production company "Sfera Glass" offers various types of edge processing:

✔ Edge grinding;

✔ Edge polishing;

✔Creating a Euro-edge;

✔ Processing the edge of straight and curved parts;

✔ Edge processing at an angle up to 45 °.

Modern equipment allows simultaneous processing of parts from two (parallel) sides, which makes it possible to achieve an ideal vertical when making straight products. Every day we release up to 1700 rpm. machined straight edge.

The most used methods of edge processing are straight end and Euro edge. The angle of edge processing can be changed. The result will change as well. The price for glass cutting will depend on the complexity of processing work. Cutting and polishing the glass are options for all types of blanks. Modern equipment allows using the technologies for work with figured products or curved blanks, not only with straight-angle products.

All visible defects are eliminated during the polishing. Thanks to that, the edge becomes perfectly smooth and even (as special equipment takes off a very thin layer of glass). As a result, the matte cut is formed but that nearly does not change the parameters of the blank. The finished product can be framed, for instance.

The result and complexity of processing will depend on the demands of a client to an end glass product. We choose tools of special granularity according to those demands. The custom-cut glass means full processing before a product is given to a client.

Another type of processing is polishing. Polishing is considered a final stage, during which glass receives an ideally finished appearance. Edges of all forms can be polished – semicircular, in the form of a trapezoid, beveled mirrors and others. Polishing is of special importance when it comes to using the mirror as is, in the home interior, with an open edge. Not only must the edge be accurate then but also completely safe. Professional custom glass cutting is the guarantee of absolute quality from A to Z – from the selection of the form to final polishing.


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