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Sandblasting also known as abrasive blasting is used to give glass and mirror products special appearance, original texture or image. Modern powerful blasting machines are used in the process.  The sandblasting method gives an especial appearance to products that are light-transparent. They look unusual and creative after that. It gives huge possibilities for designers to create unique products.  Sandblasting is the treatment of glass surfaces using sand or another abrasive powder under pressure, which is created by liquid or air. Using sandblasting, it is possible to make some images or to make a material matte from its initially transparent state. You can make the glass to become matte in whole or partially – as you wish. You can order a matte glass with your parameters specifically for your interior.


We offer the service of sandblasting glass and mirrors of any complexity:

✔ Continuous sandblasting of the surface;

✔ Artistic sandblasting;

✔ Deep sandblasting of glass surface;

✔ Sandblasting the mirror.

The area of application of such products is very wide – they are used in the manufacturing of furniture, mirrors, partitions, other home furnishings, storefronts, etc. Sandblasting is a well-known technology to make on surfaces logos, ornaments, inscriptions, etc.

When it comes to furniture, these products are used in glass cabinet doors, stained glass, and mirrors. This can be custom-cut matte glass.

By addressing to us, you get the guaranteed quality of work – inscription or image made exactly as you’ve ordered, providing the long-lasting and reliable result. It is possible to make an image on the surface of absolutely any size and area. You can additionally decorate your product with the segmented coloring if the design requires that. Our specialists will provide all necessary preparatory works exactly as they should be before using the sandblasting and will stick to the work technique. The surfaces will be degreased using a special coating. The client is provided with all necessary instructions on how to treat the finished glass during the use – for instance, to make sure the longevity of use, it is recommended to use only lint-free wipes to wipe it.

By contacting our specialists, you can do the order for the design that you need and you can be sure in 100% accurate execution of the work with all your wishes during the creation of custom-cut glass. Our managers will offer you the best solution to produce the custom-cut glass – contact us and we’ll help!


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