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Hinged glass doors

Hinged glass doors are popular and in high demand for their practicality. They are often installed in banks, offices, beauty salons, malls, and homes. They can have one or two door leaves, which is, basically, defined by the thickness of the doorway. Unlike swing doors, they are only opened to one side being led by the hinge fittings.

Large capabilities of installation of hinged glass doors allow producing items of nearly any type of glass that clients order: frosted, tinted, tempered. It’s possible to choose various designs and thicknesses of the door leaf.

“Sfera Glass” company, an expert in manufacturing translucent glass constructions, offers you to buy hinged glass doors for a reasonable price. Industrial production volumes and many-year experience allow us to produce glass constructions in the best possible ratio of quality and price.


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Glass details are produced by us on automatic equipment in a full-cycle process. This gives us the possibility to avoid flaws and inaccuracies during the production of custom-made glass products.

Rigid quality control on every stage of the process allows us to produce hinged doors and other types of constructions without defects, stains, or unnecessary curvature, with ideally processed edges.

Additional services:

  • fittings
  • decoration of glass products
  • hinges;
  • glass edging;
  • tempering;
  • delivery
  • installation.

✓ High-quality glass for your project is always available;

✓ Full production cycle guarantees a cost-effective price for the customer;

✓ Our specialists have vast experience in implementing projects for the production and installation of glass doors.

Our terms of cooperation are aimed at expanding the client base, so if you are interested in the production of glass doors, please contact our managers for a commercial offer.

To leave a request, fill out the online form on the website or call us by phone.

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Hinged glass doors

What is the price for hinged glass doors of SferaGlass company?
To calculate the cost of hinged glass doors use the calcutalor, order a calculation on the website or call us at 067-230-05-12.
How fast can we make hinged glass doors?
In avarage we make hinged glass doors within 14 working days from the date of payment.
Can I order hinged glass doors according to your individual measurements.
In our production, you can order hinged glass doors according to your individual measurements. To do this, use the feedback form on the website or call tel. 067-230-05-12.
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