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Cost Calculator

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Calculating the cost of order

Using the calculator, you can calculate the cost of completing an order for processing glass and mirror.

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Detail size

Choose shape of detail

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Type of material

Select the type of glass or mirror and its thickness

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Size of detail

Insert size in millimeters (1 cm = 10 mm). For an oval shape, measure the width and length from edge to edge of the outermost point. For a round shape, use the diameter

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Glass edging

Select the type of edging. Edging is an indispensable step in preparing glass for subsequent processing!

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Holes and hinges

Specify the number and diameter of holes, cutouts for electrical fittings or hinges

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Glass tеmpering

Tempered glass is durable and safe to use

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Glass decoration

You can choose to either sandblast or paint detail. If you need another type of glass decoration, leave a request and we will make a calculation

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Glass lamination

Glass lamination is done with a 0.38 mm thick EVA film. If you need a different specification, leave a request and we will offer options for implementing your order.

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Delivery within the city is carried out in Kyiv and Dnipro. Delivery to other cities according to the carrier's tariffs. Upon delivery by the carrier, the cargo is insured.

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Attach a file

You can attach a photo or a drawing of the part so that we can accurately calculate it for you.

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Edge processing

In order to work with glass or a mirror, its edge must be processed!

Order total cost:100 грн
*минимальная стоимость заказа 100 грн!
*the price is displayed for informational purposes only and may not be final
*цена заказа уточняется при созвоне с менеджером
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