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Reflective float glass

Refracting the unnecessary light and heat is something that many of us wish to receive from our windows during the hot hours. Today, it is no more just a desire or an evanescent idea but the reality, which is used by an increasingly bigger number of people. You can receive such glass, which will hide everything that is going on inside of the premise, as it will be hidden behind the reflecting surface, which is why it will seem to a beholder from outside as a mirrored surface. You, on another hand, will be able to see everything happening out there. However, take into consideration that when the outer light goes down (in evening and night) when the inner light is on, the effect will be completely opposite – you will not be able to see what is outside but everyone from the street will be able to see you in your room. This, however, is solved using additional light sources on the street, which are going to light up the glass from outside (thus, keeping the reflective surface as a mirror again from the side you want it).


  • We sell two versions of the thickness (4 and 6 mm) and color (gray “graphite” and bronze) but more options are possible on request
  • There are two types of glass: light-absorbing glass and reflective glass (reflects approximately 30%-40% of the light). Also, it is suitable for those who do not want to receive ultraviolet light from the sun (and tan with it)
  • Standard EN 1096-1
  • Dimensions: 2134×3300 mm,  check for availability).


Different coatings are used to produce light-reflective glass. Mainly, it is metal spraying, which consists of particles of regular metals or their oxides. Or the special film is glued on that consisting of approximately the same chemical substances. Using such a glass, you will be able to protect yourself from unwanted light and heat but you also can control the microclimate in the premise with better efficacy and less energy consumption. Such a glass during the winter will save you from a part of heat losses to the outside, that is, such a product is going to be your helper all year round, in any season of the year. You can buy a reflective float glass in wholesale and retail from us. The products are certified according to EN 1096-1, which is also enacted on the territory of Ukraine.


Працюють швидко та якісно! Робота менеджерів на високому рівні.
Vlad Petryk
Взялися за складне замовлення без вагань. Що приємно, після погодження та обмірів підписується договір, а не як завжди - скиньте на карту привату. Вклалися в строки, установку провели швидко, все це за розумну вартість.
Андрей Док
Спасибі за встановлену перегородку, і окреме дякую майстрам (рідко можна зустріти монтажників, які роблять не на тяп-ляп), тут звичайно дуже порадували. Ну і ціни приємні, найнижчі у місті. Незабаром буде ще робітниця, наче звернуся ще раз! Дякую.
Michael FTF
Професіонали. Ціни адекватні. Свій цех із верстатами з обробки скла. Крапки по місту типу "прирізка скла" (на ковдрі) і за цінами вдвічі вище зворушують) Скло в душ кабіну – це добре. Але де товари типу двері в душ кабінку. З фурнітурою не дружать. Або немає фахівців
Лилия Золотарева
Замовила скло, зробили швидко та якісно, дякую!
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What's reflexive float slope?

Reflective float glass is a type of glass that has a special coating that reflects some of the light and reduces direct sunlight, making it ideal for use in windows and other architectural elements.

What are the advantages of using reflective float glass?

It reduces the heating of the room through the windows, providing effective protection against solar thermal radiation. It also reduces glare and reflections, improving interior comfort.

What are the color options for reflective float glass?

What are the color options for reflective float glass?

How to effectively use reflective float glass to save energy?

Reflective float glass can be used in buildings to reduce the need for air conditioning, as it helps keep heat outdoors during hot periods.

Are there any peculiarities of care for reflex float glass?

Care is similar to that of ordinary glass. It is recommended to use a soft cloth and neutral detergents to clean its surface. Avoid abrasive materials to prevent scratches.

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