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Glass for shop windows

Glass for showcases is a business card of a brand and serves as fine advertising for the merch that’s being sold. They help visually increase the space of the shop mall, filling it with light, making sure to create an available view for shoppers.

Glass for showcases is a translucent construct made of several glass sheets, conjoined with fittings. You can order this type of glass construct if you’re an owner of a store, beauty salon, or gallery – to present your product in a profitable view. The multitude of forms and elements of fastening allows creating exclusive options of glass for showcases: tinted, frosted, sandblasted.


Production company "Sfera Glass" offers you to buy the glass for showcases at a low price. We can make custom-parameter constructs based on your designs. High quality coupled with a reasonable cost is made sure thanks to our own glass factory, where we manufacture products.

 To produce glass for showcases, our company uses the latest technologies and reliable wear-resistant materials. We produce custom-made types of glass constructs of tempered glass having a thickness of 4-12 mm. Showcases and racks of our design are stylish, safe, and have excellent optical characteristics.

If you are interested in trade equipment made of glass, but you do not know where to start, contact us and we will be happy to suggest options for a profitable demonstration of your product to the world.

If you are a construction company or specialists in the assembly and installation of trade and exhibition equipment, contact us for a commercial offer. Our working conditions are focused on long-term cooperation.



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Glass for shop windows

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