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Dance studio mirrors

Dance studio mirrors are an inseparable element of art and the main working tool of a trainer. These products allow dancers to see themselves at full height and control the correctness of their movements. Dance studio mirrors have large dimensions and ideally flat surfaces without any defects and distortions. Thanks to the precise shape of silhouettes, it becomes possible to reach the synchronization of movements and timely correct all mistakes to reach a high result.

Production company «Sfera Glass» has been manufacturing high-quality glass sheets for over 20 years now. We offer you to buy from us a glass with excellent optical characteristics at a cheap price. You can order products of individual dimensions in retail and wholesale.



By making custom glass constructs to order, we offer:

  • a broad assortment of mirror sheets (satin, moist-resistant, for furniture), having a thickness from 4 to 19 mm
  • high quality of mirrors without stains, optical distortions, and manufacturing defects
  • loyal prices
  • a large array of additional services: assistance in preparing a drawing, tinting, sandblasting, delivery, installation.

The company’s catalog includes several dozen of stylish types of glass constructs to make a great interior and exterior.

Our production carries out orders for the production of custom-made mirrors both from individuals and from companies producing LED mirrors, furniture (in particular, wardrobes), interior designers and construction firms.

All types of processing are available, which will be performed with high quality. Our terms of cooperation are aimed at expanding the client base, so if you are looking for a manufacturer of mirror parts for your production, contact our managers for a commercial offer. Our sales department has special offers for design companies, furniture and manufacturers.

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Dance studio mirrors

What is the price for dance studio mirrors of SferaGlass company?
To calculate the cost of dance studio mirrors use the calcutalor, order a calculation on the website or call us at 067-230-05-12.
How fast can we make dance studio mirrors?
In avarage we make dance studio mirrors within 14 working days from the date of payment.
Can I order dance studio mirrors according to your individual measurements.
In our production, you can order dance studio mirrors according to your individual measurements. To do this, use the feedback form on the website or call tel. 067-230-05-12.
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