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Ultra clear float glass

This glass is considered a “Crystal prince” in the world of glasses, and you can buy a low-iron glass in wholesale and retail from us to give freshness and pertness to your interior or exterior.

You can put this glass on the side to look through its thickness and you’ll see the staggering difference between this glass and regular glass, which is rather greenish or even has thick green color in its depth, unlike this Crystal prince, which looks slightly greenish, bluish or completely whitish-transparent. This is due to much lesser iron in its content, and the chemical compound of this glass is also different compared to regular float glass. 



  • Glass thickness (in mm): 4,3, 6, 8, 10
  • Degree of transparency: from 90% to 92%
  • Dimming coefficient: from 0.97 to 1.05
  • Noise insulation: from 26 to 40 dB
  • European quality standard is EN 572, American – ASTM C1036.

There are such possible options for using this super-transparent glass:

  1. For big premises, where visual airiness is the effect that one needs to achieve
  2. Using a lot of glass inside or outside of the building yet avoiding the grotesque look of the appearance
  3. In shower cabins, in kitchens or living rooms, where the main accent should be done not on the glass but on other objects of interior or furnishing.


By piling several layers of such glass at one another, one only receives a light shading effect, which is not going to spoil the designer’s idea (the risk of which is present when using the regular glass, which is able to create the ‘bottle’ effect with its greenish hue, which is mostly unwanted in interiors).

We’re sure that you will highly appreciate the elegance of super transparent glass in your interior, which not even lightly distorts the perception of colors and objects of the interior. Also, in this glass, it is the same possible to make holes, drill it, and use otherwise as regular glass, as it has the same physical properties.  



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