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Frameless glazing

How often have you been losing the sense of time when working inside of your office until late? This is painfully easy if the only glass in your building is in mirrors and small windows, which look at a big world out there. You cannot watch as sakura blossoms behind the walls of your office, and can’t see your car parked nearby. To remove that, there is no better solution yet so far than to use glass. And we are the glazed seashore in the raving iron & concrete sea of tastelessness. So we are ready to receive the task of provision of you with tonnes of glass for facade works for every taste, size, and budgetary funds. We have all to make your life glazed!


We offer the tempered glass which differs in the increased durability, heat resistance and flexural strength. An alternative to tempered glass can be laminated glass (also called triplex) - several layers of glass, interconnected by a special exterior polymer film, which increases the heat and sound insulation properties.

Both tempered glass and laminated glass can be made of clear or tinted float glass.

We offer production of glass facades ready for further installation.

Today,  glass is one of the most popular materials used in architecture. This is not surprising, because it combines equally well both aesthetic properties and strength characteristics. Designers and architects prefer glass for its ability to give lightness to any building, while perfectly combining with any other building materials.

We offer you to order from us glass for the following translucent designs:

  1. Front frameless glazing.
  2. Entrance groups - compositions for the design of the doorway of the building.
  3. Winter gardens.
  4. Fences and balustrades made of glass.
  5. Showcases and trade equipment.

The details made on our production correspond to high standards of quality and functionality for external areas.



Choose Frameless glazing
Працюють швидко та якісно! Робота менеджерів на високому рівні.
Vlad Petryk
Взялися за складне замовлення без вагань. Що приємно, після погодження та обмірів підписується договір, а не як завжди - скиньте на карту привату. Вклалися в строки, установку провели швидко, все це за розумну вартість.
Андрей Док
Спасибі за встановлену перегородку, і окреме дякую майстрам (рідко можна зустріти монтажників, які роблять не на тяп-ляп), тут звичайно дуже порадували. Ну і ціни приємні, найнижчі у місті. Незабаром буде ще робітниця, наче звернуся ще раз! Дякую.
Michael FTF
Професіонали. Ціни адекватні. Свій цех із верстатами з обробки скла. Крапки по місту типу "прирізка скла" (на ковдрі) і за цінами вдвічі вище зворушують) Скло в душ кабіну – це добре. Але де товари типу двері в душ кабінку. З фурнітурою не дружать. Або немає фахівців
Лилия Золотарева
Замовила скло, зробили швидко та якісно, дякую!
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Frameless glazing

What are the advantages of frameless glazing over traditional framed systems?

Compared to traditional framed systems, frameless glazing has a number of advantages. Firstly, it creates an effect of transparency and lightness, which makes the room more open and visually appealing. Secondly, the absence of frames maximizes the use of natural light, which saves energy and contributes to the environmental friendliness of the room. Finally, frameless glazing allows for greater visibility and a larger viewing area, which is especially important for rooms with scenic views or coastal areas.

What type of glass to choose for frameless glazing to suit your needs?

Various types of glass can be used for frameless glazing, including tempered, laminated, tinted and even frosted glass. Each has its own characteristics and purpose, and the choice depends on the specific requirements for transparency, security and design.

What is the cost of frameless glazing?

The price of frameless glazing depends on several factors, such as the size of the openings, the materials used, the complexity of installation and the selected additional options. Usually the price is calculated individually for each order after measuring and consultation with the client.

How to order frameless glazing?

To order frameless glazing, you can contact us. Just fill out the feedback form or call the specified phone number. Our specialists will contact you to clarify all the details, help you choose the right option and calculate the cost of your order.

What is frameless glazing?

Frameless glazing is a glazing technology in which the glass is attached to the structure without the use of frames. This creates the effect of a single transparent space, providing maximum visibility and natural light penetration.

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