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Glass steps

We wish the career ladder was as transparent and light as glass steps! Yes, especially impressionable people may be afraid to walk on almost transparent glass, but - we assure you - it is completely safe and reliable!

Each step of such  ladder is safe and durable, and also has maximum abrasion resistance.

Now you can enjoy high-tech solutions in your office, at home or in other premises by ordering glass stairs from us according to your individual parameters.


Based on the design project, glass steps for stairs are made of durable toughened laminated glass. Such glass is capable of withstanding loads from 400 to 800 kilograms.

Glass steps and glass railings can be made of clear glass, ultra-clear  glass, as well as tinted glass of bronze and gray shades.

Decorations can include matting or sandblasting.

For each structure, an individual drawing is developed and a contract is signed with a clear indication of the configuration of the multilayer glass material.

The structure is assembled in several stages.

If you are planning to order  glass steps for staircase, leave a request on our website or call us and our managers will advise you.

As an industrial glass processor, our production has the ability to set optimal prices for our customers and guarantee quality.

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Glass steps

What is the price for glass steps of SferaGlass company?
To calculate the cost of glass steps use the calcutalor, order a calculation on the website or call us at 067-230-05-12.
How fast can we make glass steps?
In avarage we make glass steps within 14 working days from the date of payment.
Can I order glass steps according to your individual measurements.
In our production, you can order glass steps according to your individual measurements. To do this, use the feedback form on the website or call tel. 067-230-05-12.
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