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Glass tempering

Glass tempering is the thermal processing of the glass, during which the glass gains internal stresses because of speedy cooling. Tempered glass has special strength and sturdiness. Why does glass need to be tempered? This makes it much more long-lasting and sturdy. You cannot cut or drill tempered glass just like that – as it becomes a non-homogenous object, which is like an air balloon, which is capable of existing only as a whole. You definitely cannot cut a piece from it. You can order a glass of the required size from us to make sure it fits the interior. You can buy tempered glass according to your specific wishes – it can be drilled as you need or can have other details of manufacturing.


Tempering makes the glass resistant to temperature swings, as stress and compression occur. If to compare the tempered glass with glass after burning, the tempered glass is sturdier several times more. It is safe when it is broken and cannot bring damages to a human. You can buy the tempered glass of any form or size – it is possible to buy door glass or a partition, or glass as a part of the furniture.

Such glass is used in the construction increasingly more, over time displacing other similar materials. Facades, roofs, windows – more and more elements are created from tempered glass. Even supporting structures, poles, bridges, and beams are made of it. It has found active application in the automobile industry. Speaking in more detail about the technology, it is simple and understandable: the glass is quickly cooled using special quenching environments (most often, air) and blowing grates to change the cooling process from natural convection to the forced one.

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What is glass tempering?

Glass tempering is a heat treatment process in which glass is heated to a high temperature and then rapidly cooled, giving the glass increased strength and resistance to impact.

What are the benefits of tempered glass?

Tempered glass is much stronger and more resistant to mechanical stress than ordinary glass. It breaks into small, safe shards, which reduces the risk of injury when broken.

Where can tempered glass be used?

Tempered glass is widely used in architectural and design projects such as windows, doors, partitions, balustrades, countertops, shower enclosures and railings. It is also used in automotive and industrial applications.

What is the process of making tempered glass?

In the production of tempered glass, the glass is first heated to a high temperature, usually around 600-700°C, and then cooled sharply using special systems, which creates a difference in the internal stress of the glass and gives it increased strength.

What types of glass can be tempered?

We offer tempering of various types of glass including plain glass, tinted glass, mirrored glass and even triplex glass. Each type of glass can be tempered to meet the requirements of the project.

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