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Balcony glass railings

Opting for balcony glass railings installation, it is important to calculate the workloads in order to make sure the necessary precaution measures during the exploitation of the premises. In particular, it is required to resort to the professional services of experts, which can help you wisely elaborate a drawing of a construct and provide qualified services in transporting and installing the ready construct.  A leader in this area is Production company «Sfera Glass», which has been making glass custom-made products for more than 20 years now. The assortment of the company includes a float glass of various types and finishes: tempered, triplex, satin, frosted, tinted, and sandblasted.You can order balcony, pool, and terrace glass railings at affordable prices, in an individual design and dimensions to create stylish interiors of offices, malls, hotels, and cottage houses.

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Well-tuned mass production and application of modern technologies allow us to create a high-quality product at affordable prices, which corresponds to the modern European quality standards. It is possible to buy balcony glass railings from us, made of tempered laminated glass . This type of glass material stands out from the crowd with reliability, high durability, safety, and resistance to damages and temperature swings.

At our production you can order glass fences for balconies, terraces, sports facilities and even ... zoos. One of our most popular projects is glass fences for terraces for street cafes and restaurants. Other popular designs include glass fences for sports fields, recreation areas in parks and panoramic terraces. If you are interested in glass fences, leave a request and get competent advice from our managers.

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Vlad Petryk
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Андрей Док
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Michael FTF
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Лилия Золотарева
Замовила скло, зробили швидко та якісно, дякую!
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Balcony glass railings

How much does 1 square meter of glass balcony fencing cost?

The cost of glass balcony railings from Sphere Glass can vary significantly depending on several factors such as size, type of glass, design, installation and the location of your home or office. To calculate the cost of various glass structures, use the calculator at https://sferaglass.com/en/calculator, request a miscalculation online, or call us at 067-230-05-12. Our team is ready to satisfy your order for manufacturing and installation of glass fences of any kind.

Can I order custom sized glass balcony railings from you?

Yes, we can. If you are the owner of a private house with an atypical balcony, we will accept with interest your order for the production of fences of any kind.  To order glass balcony railings, you can contact SferaGlass managers on the website and leave your requirements and idea about the product. We ensure quality and transparency in the transaction so that you can be assured of our reliability. Our experience in the glass industry allows us to provide high quality products that meet the most demanding standards.

What services are provided to wholesale customers?

To wholesale buyers we provide special prices, flexible discount system depending on the order volume, as well as personal approach and professional advice on the choice and characteristics of any glass fences for balcony.
We have specially developed the service "Glass in bulk", which provides an opportunity to purchase glass in large volumes for corporate clients, construction companies and designers at wholesale prices.

What are glass balcony railings?

Glass balcony railings are glass structures that are installed on a balcony for safety and aesthetic design. They are securely held on balcony railings or walls and provide fall protection while maintaining transparency and simplicity of design.

What are the advantages of glass balcony railings?

Glass railings for balconies and terraces have several advantages. They provide excellent visibility and transparency, which makes the room more spacious and bright. In addition, they look stylish and modern, adding elegance to the appearance of the house. Glass also does not require constant maintenance and painting, which makes it easier to maintain.

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