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Glazing of winter gardens

If you want to enjoy harmony with nature, you should be helped by the glazing of winter gardens. A light-permeable construct can profitably look in premises of all types and able to provide enough sunlight to the plants within. Such constructs today have great popularity and can be custom-made. Production company «Sfera Glass» offers you to order glazing of winter gardens made of tempered float glass, which corresponds to all safety norms.



We offer you to buy translucent glass constructs of high quality of such types and finishing options: frosted, tinted, ultra clear, tempered, laminated. The thickness of the sheet can be in the range of 4-19 mm, chosen individually.

The seeming fragility of the glass does not correspond to the real characteristics of its durability and the carrying ability: up to 10.2 pounds per square foot! All products made of multilayer triplex stand out from the crowd thanks to their serious durability: they don’t break into sharp pieces, which could hurt.

Additional services:

  • assistance in the preparation of a drawing or project
  • installation
  • delivery.

We offer really nice prices for our customers, a broad product assortment, and very alluring conditions of cooperation.

Today,  glass is one of the most popular materials used in architecture. This is not surprising, because it combines equally well both aesthetic properties and strength characteristics. Designers and architects prefer glass for its ability to give lightness to any building, while perfectly combining with any other building materials.

We offer you to order from us glass for the following translucent designs:

  1. Front frameless glazing.
  2. Entrance groups - compositions for the design of the doorway of the building.
  3. Winter gardens.
  4. Fences and balustrades made of glass.
  5. Showcases and trade equipment.

The details made on our production correspond to high standards of quality and functionality for external areas.

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Glazing of winter gardens

What is the price for glazing of winter gardens of SferaGlass company?
To calculate the cost of glazing of winter gardens use the calcutalor, order a calculation on the website or call us at 067-230-05-12.
How fast can we make glazing of winter gardens?
In avarage we make glazing of winter gardens within 14 working days from the date of payment.
Can I order glazing of winter gardens according to your individual measurements.
In our production, you can order glazing of winter gardens according to your individual measurements. To do this, use the feedback form on the website or call tel. 067-230-05-12.
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