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Glass bonding

UV glass bonding is one of the most modern technologies. It helps bond glass constructions with maximal ease using polymerization. As a result, you get a very reliable bonding, which is used in many fields. The UV bonding is the ultraviolet bonding of glass that can glue together any glass or other light-transparent constructions, including mirrors. The bonding process is very simple: the special glue is treated with UV rays, after which it is polymerized, which results in reliable bonding of elements with one another. Such bonding has a number of advantages, which have made it so popular and applicable in the vastness of fields for different products.


So what are the advantages of custom-cut glass products, which are bonded this way? Firstly, they have exceptional sturdiness. Secondly, by ordering this glass with your sizes, you can be sure in its full transparency – as bonding really does not deprive the glass of its quality. Also, you can buy tempered glass and glue it up with some other glass or material, including the one having a metal surface. By producing custom-cut glass with bonding, it is possible to widen the range of possibilities. UV glues have the ability to get into all pores, even the smallest ones, thanks to which custom-cut glass will look perfect, even without the smallest flaws. Such technology is used to bond glass showcases, cabinets, shelves, tables, stands, coasters, counters, and furniture – in a word, any product. This technology is specifically popular in designers, as it allows using glass to create modern minimalistic interiors, which use the minimal number of details. Thus, such products make the feeling of lightness and ease yet they look effective and functional.

You can always order any ideal glass product from us: reliable UV bonding allows implementing even the most original idea at an affordable price. Contact our managers to make an order and they will be glad to help you!


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What is UV glass bonding?

UV glass bonding is a technology for bonding glass surfaces using ultraviolet light and a special adhesive. This method provides a strong and transparent bond, ideal for creating aesthetic and durable glass structures.

What are the benefits of UV glass bonding?

UV bonding ensures high bond strength, no gurgling or bubbles, and exceptional transparency. This method also makes it possible to create glass structures with minimal visible joints, which gives the design an elegant and modern look.

What is the process of UV glass bonding?

The UV bonding process involves applying a special adhesive to the glass surfaces, aligning and fixing them. The glass is then exposed to ultraviolet light, which activates the adhesive, providing a strong and transparent bond.

What types of glass can be bonded using UV technology?

UV bonding is suitable for various types of glass, including tempered, laminated, frosted and even tinted glass. This makes the technology versatile for a variety of design and architectural projects.

What is the quality assurance of UV glass bonding?

We guarantee high quality UV glass bonding and provide a warranty on the work performed. Our experienced specialists work with modern equipment and high quality materials to ensure the longevity and reliability of your glass structure.

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