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Sheet glass

Quality sheet glass in bulk is widely used in the construction of private and commercial premises. Produced by the float method, the glass gets the shape of a rectangular sheet, which is the basis of its name.

Float method is a method of glass production invented by the English scientist Pilkington. It consists of spreading molten glass over a mineral base. At the junction of the two materials, a perfectly flat surface is formed. After cooling, the user receives a sheet of perfect glass of high quality, without optical distortion. After the complete process, the sheet glass is sold for further implementation in the construction project.


The characteristics and application of the product depend on the labeling. A total of seven quality classes can be distinguished. We will tell you about each of them:

✔ M0 - the thickness of 0.2-0.6 cm and mirror optimization allows you to make high-precision devices from such glass. It is devoid of any imperfections and is considered the purest.

✔ M1 - At the same thickness, there may be slight distortions on the surface. This marking is used in the production of high quality mirrors, in the automotive industry.

✔ Mirrored M2 - Used in industry, glass products of mass realization.

✔ M3 - Polished sheet glass in Ukraine is used in the manufacture of furniture, decorative elements, car construction.

✔ M4 - Translucent products, windows, furniture.

✔ M5 - Not polished product for interior items, slow-moving and agricultural transport.

✔ M6 - Unpolished glass for translucent products. 

✔ M7 - Stained glass polished with a thickness of 0.6 - 1.2 cm.

Classification determines the number of imperfections on the area of the product. The smaller the number - the better the quality of the product.

Production of sheet glass from the manufacturer

Sheet glass in bulk is produced by two methods: float (described above), and vertical pulling on machines (Furko method). To date, it is the float method is advantageous, and is used in modern production. The result of production is a sheet of transparent glass, the thickness of which is significantly inferior to the length or width.

In the float method, the molten glass is sent to a float bath where the glass is rolled over molten tin. This produces a smooth clear glass.


Працюють швидко та якісно! Робота менеджерів на високому рівні.
Vlad Petryk
Взялися за складне замовлення без вагань. Що приємно, після погодження та обмірів підписується договір, а не як завжди - скиньте на карту привату. Вклалися в строки, установку провели швидко, все це за розумну вартість.
Андрей Док
Спасибі за встановлену перегородку, і окреме дякую майстрам (рідко можна зустріти монтажників, які роблять не на тяп-ляп), тут звичайно дуже порадували. Ну і ціни приємні, найнижчі у місті. Незабаром буде ще робітниця, наче звернуся ще раз! Дякую.
Michael FTF
Професіонали. Ціни адекватні. Свій цех із верстатами з обробки скла. Крапки по місту типу "прирізка скла" (на ковдрі) і за цінами вдвічі вище зворушують) Скло в душ кабіну – це добре. Але де товари типу двері в душ кабінку. З фурнітурою не дружать. Або немає фахівців
Лилия Золотарева
Замовила скло, зробили швидко та якісно, дякую!
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Assortment of sheet glass

The price of sheet glass in bulk is justified by its quality and variety. The finished result can have a polished or unpolished surface, be colored or colorless. The product can also have different properties:

  • Heat Conservation. Often used for glazing facades of buildings.
  • Tempered has increased strength.
  • Mirrored, creating a reflective effect.
  • Tinted prevents the penetration of sunlight.

The consultant will help you choose the right option for your task. Some properties can be combined with each other, creating a perfect alliance of qualities.

Features and application of glass in sheets

The uniqueness of this product is its extensive scope of application. It can act as a standalone product, or as a base for other types of glass. Among the spheres of application, separately it is worth highlighting:

  • Glazing of facades of buildings, stores, shopping centers.
  • Production of windows for houses and apartments.
  • Use in the automotive industry.
  • In the creation of furniture and interior items.

Different methods of processing allow you to buy sheet glass for the realization of various purposes, from the manufacture of mirror parts of the interior, to the creation of shopping areas, showcases, facades.

Where to order sheet glass in Ukraine?

Our brand Sphere Glass offers high quality glass, produced according to international standards. High qualification of our professional team allows us to realize the most complex projects in any volume. Contact the manager of the company to present your project and find out the prices for sheet glass of the appropriate type. We will be glad to assist you in the realization of both the smallest design project and the biggest construction initiative.

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What is the main application of sheet glass?

It is widely used in construction, interior design, furniture manufacturing and automobile industry. It is used for windows, doors, glass partitions, mirrors, furniture and other products.

What types of sheet glass are there and what are their characteristics?

There are many types of sheet glass such as plain glass, tinted glass, reflective coated sheet glass and frosted glass. Each type has its own unique characteristics and applications.

How is safety ensured when using sheet glass?

To ensure safety, sheet glass can be tempered or laminated. Tempered glass becomes more durable, while laminated glass consists of several layers bonded together with a film to prevent shattering.

How are sheet glass products cared for?

We recommend using a soft cloth and neutral detergents for care. Avoid abrasive materials to avoid scratching the glass surface.

What trends in the use of sheet glass are seen in modern design?

Modern design actively uses innovative approaches to the use of sheet glass, such as glass facades of buildings, glass partitions in offices, glass staircases and exclusive artwork made of glass, which gives the interior unique and modern.

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