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Tinted float glass

The tinted float glass is loved by designers of interiors and exteriors due to its staggering decorative appearance and ability to perform all standard glass functions. Not only it can be a part of windows but also canopies and peaks are made from it, as well as it can be a part of the decoration of furniture, mirrors, as a cover to columns and other objects where aesthetics is important.

If it is inserted into doors and windows, then some part of the sun warmth is reflected or absorbed (depending on what kind of tinting is given to the glass – tinted in mass or a special film is glued on, for instance, some reflective one). The colors of glass are due to different metals that are added to it. But if you don’t want the color distortion – then you can buy a tinted float glass in wholesale and retail from us, which is going to be performed as shades of gray (it makes shading but not color distortion).


  • Thickness: 4-10 mm (depends on the option of tinting, too)
  • Color selection available
  • Standard EN 572 part 2, 1995 (for Europe and Ukraine)
  • Compatibility with additional reflective films and matting 
  • Sheet sizes: 2134 * 3300 mm, 2250 * 3300 mm (check availability);

  • Optimal for all types of post-processing, including toughening, chemical etching;

  • Application: interior glass structures (shower cabins, glass partitions); furniture manufacturing; production of doors (including for saunas); exterior structures: canopies, awnings, fences and railings; glazing of facades.

It is possible to use different colors to achieve the decorative function, including (depending on the specific manufacturer):

Every color of the glass, depending on its thickness, has a different level of sunrays and UV refraction (and is usually in the range between 7% and 79%). In addition to it, by selecting the tinted glass with the option of light reflection, you receive the glass effect, which is going to hide everything that is inside, from prying eyes, whilst you will be able to see everything that is going out there, only seeing it in shaded light (that is, you’ll receive a sort of mirror only working in two sides). Also, the reflective side can be turned away from you – thus, you’re receiving the effect of bigger preservation of warmth inside of the premise but all people outside will be able to see you (sometimes, this option is used in office skyscrapers).

You can address to us already today to pick from different options of tinted float glass and choose the exactly needed option!


Працюють швидко та якісно! Робота менеджерів на високому рівні.
Vlad Petryk
Взялися за складне замовлення без вагань. Що приємно, після погодження та обмірів підписується договір, а не як завжди - скиньте на карту привату. Вклалися в строки, установку провели швидко, все це за розумну вартість.
Андрей Док
Спасибі за встановлену перегородку, і окреме дякую майстрам (рідко можна зустріти монтажників, які роблять не на тяп-ляп), тут звичайно дуже порадували. Ну і ціни приємні, найнижчі у місті. Незабаром буде ще робітниця, наче звернуся ще раз! Дякую.
Michael FTF
Професіонали. Ціни адекватні. Свій цех із верстатами з обробки скла. Крапки по місту типу "прирізка скла" (на ковдрі) і за цінами вдвічі вище зворушують) Скло в душ кабіну – це добре. Але де товари типу двері в душ кабінку. З фурнітурою не дружать. Або немає фахівців
Лилия Золотарева
Замовила скло, зробили швидко та якісно, дякую!
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Tinted float glass

What float glass tinting options do you offer?

Specialists apply layers of nitrides and metal oxides to give the glass the desired color. The tint fuses with the glass and does not peel off. 

How does tinting affect glass transparency?

This glass treatment gives the desired shade, reduces light transmission, and makes the products more adapted for outdoor use.

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