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Shower cabin with frosted glass

A shower cabin with frosted glass would be a great choice for an ensuite bathroom, being capable of significantly increasing the level of comfort for all family members. If you install at home a shower cabin with frosted glass, you can forget about queues to the bathroom and comfortably take shower while other family members brush their teeth and wash their faces in the same premises in the morning of the upcoming day.

“Sfera Glass” company offers you to order from us shower cabins with frosted glass custom made for your individual dimensions. Also, we have a broad spectrum of glass products, high quality of the output, and low prices – these all are powerful advantages of working with us. You can buy from us in retail and wholesale, using the services of delivery and installation.


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A glass becomes frosted after acid etching – this creates a bronzy or satin hint on the glass, making it possible to use such glass to create confidentiality in rooms made of it. The acid acts as a catalyzer for the start of the reaction and leaves a trace on the glass, not taking away from it the sturdiness and resistance to temperature extremes.

A shower cabin with frosted glass has various light permeability degrees, which is directly connected to the thickness of the sheet and a chosen color option. We also make other products to order: mirrors, tables, glass partitions, mirror tiles, and other things from mirror and glass – to give glossiness to your interior or exterior.

Our company is ready to produce orders from companies that work in the filed of  installation of glass shower partitions, cabins and shower doors. All hinges and drillings are performed automatically and exactly according to the drawings, with a guarantee of quality. For regular customers there are special offers and individual terms of cooperation.

If you are a company that manufactures and installs shower enclosures, contact us and our managers will tell you about our terms of cooperation.

Reviews of clients
Galina Kyiv

We ordered a mirror in the bathroom, made it in 4 days, everything is super! They offered their idea, it turned out to be even more beautiful than planned. Manager (Alexander), thank you very much!



Vitaliy Kyiv

The quality of products, and most importantly, the attitude towards the client is on top! For me, now there is a solution for all my near-glass needs!

Vlad Kyiv

They took on a complex order without hesitation. What is nice, after agreement and measurements, a contract is signed, and not as usual - request to send money to debit card. Order was delivered on time, the installation was carried out quickly, all this at a reasonable cost.

Andrey Kyiv

Thank you for the installed partition, and a special thanks to the masters (you rarely find installers who do not do it for a blunder), here, of course, we were very pleased. Well, the prices are pleasant, the lowest in the city. Soon there will be more work, I will definitely apply again! 

Alya Rimchenko Dnipro

Bought a LED mirror. Looks awesome =)
Thanks for the speed of execution, they helped out a lot before the New Year. I will recommend your company

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Shower cabin with frosted glass

Which glass is better for a shower room frosted or clear?

The choice between frosted and clear glass depends on your design preferences and the level of privacy you require. Both types of glass have their advantages and disadvantages. Frosted glass offers a high level of privacy because it blurs the image and hides the details on the other side. This can be important if you want to maintain privacy inside your shower room. If you still want to minimize labor and time spent on cleaning as much as possible, then feel free to buy a shower with frosted glass!

Which side should I put the frosted glass in the shower enclosure?

When choosing which side to install frosted glass, consider your design preferences and the level of privacy you require. Consultation with a professional designer or SferaGlass installer can also be helpful in making the right decision, taking into account the specific features of your shower room and interior.

How quickly can frosted glass shower enclosures be made?

On average, we produce frosted glass shower enclosures within 14 working days from the date of payment.
Before ordering a shower cubicle with frosted glass, it is recommended to consult with SferaGlass professionals to make sure that the chosen solution meets your needs and safety.

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