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Shower cabins with hinged doors

Shower cabins with hinged doors are very popular among people because they are practical and wear-resistant. They would fit premises of large space and have the most reasonable price on the market compared to all other types of doors, including sliding or swing. You can buy a shower cabin with hinged doors inexpensively. Such a door won’t have guide rails.

When you opt for shower cabins with hinged doors, attentively select the materials –  and tempered glass is the leader in reliability.

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The “Sfera Glass” company offers its services of custom-made shower cabins with hinged doors with frosted, tinted, tempered, and triplex glass. We offer you to order products of any shape from us: pentagonal, corner, square – based on individual requirements & design. The thickness of the glass sheet can also be adjusted.

Application of modern technologies and fully automated manufacturing process help us make the items that fully correspond to the requirements of an orderer. Shower cabins with hinged doors are made of tempered glass with a glass thickness of 8+ mm, which guarantees their safety in usage and maximal resistance to mechanical damages.

Our company is ready to produce orders from companies that work in the filed of  installation of glass shower partitions, cabins and shower doors. All hinges and drillings are performed automatically and exactly according to the drawings, with a guarantee of quality. For regular customers there are special offers and individual terms of cooperation.

If you are a company that manufactures and installs shower enclosures, contact us and our managers will tell you about our terms of cooperation.

Reviews of clients
Galina Kyiv

We ordered a mirror in the bathroom, made it in 4 days, everything is super! They offered their idea, it turned out to be even more beautiful than planned. Manager (Alexander), thank you very much!



Vitaliy Kyiv

The quality of products, and most importantly, the attitude towards the client is on top! For me, now there is a solution for all my near-glass needs!

Vlad Kyiv

They took on a complex order without hesitation. What is nice, after agreement and measurements, a contract is signed, and not as usual - request to send money to debit card. Order was delivered on time, the installation was carried out quickly, all this at a reasonable cost.

Andrey Kyiv

Thank you for the installed partition, and a special thanks to the masters (you rarely find installers who do not do it for a blunder), here, of course, we were very pleased. Well, the prices are pleasant, the lowest in the city. Soon there will be more work, I will definitely apply again! 

Alya Rimchenko Dnipro

Bought a LED mirror. Looks awesome =)
Thanks for the speed of execution, they helped out a lot before the New Year. I will recommend your company

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Shower cabins with hinged doors

Why can the glass in a swing door shower enclosure crack?

The glass in a shower enclosure with swinging doors can crack for a variety of reasons. Below are some of the most common factors that can lead to cracked glass:

  • Mechanical impacts
  • Stress and pressure
  • Defects in manufacturing
  • Abrupt changes in temperature
  • Installation problems

To prevent cracks in the glass of the shower enclosure, it is important to ensure proper installation and maintenance of the shower enclosure, avoid mechanical influences, use high quality glass and be careful when using the shower. 

It is recommended to consult SferaGlass professionals before ordering a shower with swinging doors with glass to the bathroom.If even small cracks occur, immediate action should be taken to repair them or replace the glass to avoid further destruction for the safety of users.

How quickly can swing door shower enclosures be made?

On average, the production of shower cabins with swing door is carried out within 12 working days from the date of payment.
Before ordering a glass shower cubicle with hinged door, it is recommended to consult with SferaGlass professionals to ensure that the chosen solution meets your needs and safety.

What is the cost for a swinging shower enclosure from SferaGlass?

The cost of a Sphere Glass swing door shower enclosure can vary significantly depending on several factors such as size, type of glass, design, installation and the location of your home. To calculate the cost for glass shower doors, use the calculator at https://sferaglass.com/en/calculator, request a quote online or call us at 067-230-05-12.

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