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Glass floors

Have you already thought about ordering a glass floor? This will be a fresh solution for your interior, which can be implemented in our production in various variations. With us, you can give a flight of your design idea - put decorative stones under the space, build the seabed or make some kind of drawing (if you are not a fan of ordinary transparency). A transparent floor on large areas can give you the feeling of flight, you just have to stand on it and add a drop of imagination.


There are several options for using glass parts for floor decoration:

✔ Niche - durable safety tempered glass is fenced with a stainless steel frame around the perimeter. The space under the floor is filled with any kind of decor;

✔Glass track - a track made of glass inserts is mounted in the floor;

✔Glass ceiling - glass parts are mounted on a strong supporting structure;

✔ Solid floor - in this embodiment, the glass floor is installed on a concrete base.

The glass floor is made of laminated glass, capable of withstanding a load of up to 400 kg per square meter. The standard implementation of the project is laminated tiplex glass, with a total thickness of about 30 mm.

The options are available in clear glass, ultra clear glass, tinted glass of bronze and gray shades.

Decorations can include matting and sandblasting.

For each project, a technical specification is drawn up with a laminated glass configuration.

We manufacture glass floor parts and deliver them to the customer for further installation.

If you represent a construction company, which was tasked with designing and installing a glass floor, leave a request on our website or call us and our managers will advise you on your project.


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В среднем мы изготавливаем glass floors в течение 14 рабочих дней с момента внесения оплаты.
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