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Glass partitions from tempered glass

Tempering glass is one of the methods of thermal processing of glass surfaces to give them especial sturdiness, resistance to heat, and ability to break into small harmless wreckages. Glass partitions from tempered glass can solve many questions when it comes to the creation of stylish interiors. They’ll also make sure to create clever zoning of premises.

Glass partitions from tempered glass are often used in the design of banks, malls, offices, airports, and exhibition halls. Production company "Sfera Glass" offers you to order light-permeable constructions made of tempered glass for a low cost in wholesale and retail. It’s possible to find glass products on the official website to make an order, as well as to use a wide range of extra services, which include glass cutting and gluing, making triplex, drilling holes, sandblasting, tinting, and making individually sized constructs.

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In order to give the glass special durability, two factors are used: high temperature and intensive even cooling in a special environment. This makes it possible to produce tempered glass that has outstanding optical characteristics, without defects or distortions. We guarantee pleasant prices on glass partitions made of tempered glass and the safety of their exploitation in premises of any type.

Glass partitions are made of durable safe tempered glass, 8 to 12 mm thick.

You can order glass partitions from us of various types of glass: clear, frosted or tinted.

Before giving the glass additional strength by tempering, the glass sheet is processed along the edge perimeter, the necessary cutouts and holes for the fittings are made.

Designs may include painting or sandblasting.

According to the needs of our clients, our specialists carry out design, selection of fittings and installation.

✓ High-quality glass for your project is always in stock;

✓ Full production cycle is cost-effective for the customer;

✓Our specialists have vast experience in implementing projects for the production and installation of glass partitions.

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Glass partitions from tempered glass

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