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Glass canopy with a frame

A glass canopy with a frame is a possibility to decorate an entrance to the building with a light-permeable glass construct. A custom-made canopy will protect people who enter and exit from precipitation, tree leaves, and dirt while at the same time improving the aesthetical appearance of the facade. There are several types of fastening the canopy to the bearing surfaces. In this case, we’re considering a carrying metallic frame. This is the most popular type of construct, as it is an easy and cheap way of installing.


The frame solution may have such options:

  • fastening to the wall or ceiling
  • fastening of a carrying construct to the floor or ground
  • frames can be positioned under or above the glass
  • frames are combined with a cable-stayed option of fastening or without it.

To create a glass canopy with a frame, one could use a large single piece of glass that spans through the entire canopy or cut pieces, each for one span between two adjacent frames. A flat or bent glass could be used – that’ll depend on the designer’s vision. You can explore our online catalog and order sheets of glass that suit your needs in price and configuration.

Glass canopy with a frame


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Glass canopy with a frame

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