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Glass railings

Glass railings are a must-have for any progressive office, retail space or private home. Lightness and openness of glass will create a unique atmosphere in your interior!

Fear not - glass railings are as durable as other materials (due to tempering and other special processing), they carry much less stress on the foundation of the building, and let in as much light into your life as you always wanted.

We offer the production of glass railings for shopping centers, escalators, balconies, terraces and roofs.

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Glass railings can be made in various shades - from clear to ultra-clear, bronze, gray, frosted.

Both durable tempered glass with a thickness of 10 mm and more and  laminated  glass are used, which are the same in strength and safety properties.

An original solution can be the use of colored interior or exterior films, depending on the design of your project.

We make glass railings ready for further installation.


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В среднем мы изготавливаем glass railings в течение 14 рабочих дней с момента внесения оплаты.
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