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The most used methods of edge processing are straight end and Euro edge. The angle of edge processing can be changed. The result will change as well. The price for glass cutting will depend on the complexity of processing work. Cutting and polishing the glass are options for all types of blanks. Modern equipment allows using the technologies for work with figured products or curved blanks, not only with straight-angle products.


The production company "Sfera Glass" offers various types of edge processing:

  • Edge grinding;
  • Edge polishing;
  • Creation of Euro-edge;
  • Edging of straight and curved parts;
  • Edge processing up to 45 °.


Modern CNC equipment allows  to simultaneously process parts from two (parallel) sides, which makes it possible to achieve an ideal vertical when making straight products. We release up to 1700 rpm daily.  straight edge.

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What is a glass edge banding?

A glass edge is a specially treated edge of glass that makes it safer and more aesthetically pleasing. It involves polishing the edges of the glass to a smooth and rounded state, which reduces the risk of cuts when touched and gives the product a finished look.

Where is the glass edge banding used?

Euro-edge glass is used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Furniture with glass elements (tables, cabinets, shelves).
  • Mirrors and glass panels in the interior.
  • Glass doors and partitions.
  • Glass countertops and kitchen aprons.

This type of glass processing is especially popular in interior design due to its aesthetics and safety.

What are the advantages of Euro-edge glass?

The advantages of Euro-edge glass include:

  • Increased safety by reducing the risk of cuts.
  • Increased glass strength by reducing the likelihood of cracks and chips at the edges.
  • Aesthetic appearance, which makes glass more attractive in interior design.
  • Easy to clean, as smooth edges are less prone to staining.
Is it possible to make a glass edge banding yourself?

Making a glass edge requires special equipment and experience. Although it is theoretically possible to try to do this work yourself, it is recommended to contact professionals to avoid damaging the glass and ensure a high quality finish.

How do I care for glass with a Euro edge?

Care for glass with Euro edge does not differ from the general rules for glass care:

  • Regularly wipe the glass with a soft cloth or a special glass wiper to avoid dust and fingerprints.
  • Avoid using abrasive products that can scratch the glass or damage its surface.
  • To remove stubborn dirt, you can use a mild soap solution or special glass cleaners, then rinse thoroughly with water and wipe dry.
  • It is important to avoid sudden changes in temperature on the glass surface, as this can lead to damage.

By following these simple recommendations, you will be able to maintain the perfect look of glass with a Euro edge for a long time.

How to order a euro edge banding

Contact Sphere Glass. Our managers will offer various options of euro edging, as well as help you to choose the style and design for your specific needs and preferences.

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