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Glass edge polishing

When processing the edges, the edge and sharp corners of the mirror or glass are blunted so that you cannot cut yourself. During polishing the end of the glass is processed so that it becomes transparent and smooth. Glass edging is performed on glass with a thickness of 4 to 19 mm and mirrors with a thickness from 3 mm.


The production company "Sfera Glass" offers various types of edge processing:

  1. Edge grinding;
  2. Edge polishing;
  3. Creation of Euro-edge;
  4. Edging of straight and curved parts;
  5. Edge processing up to 45 °;

Modern CNC equipment allows  to simultaneously process parts from two (parallel) sides, which makes it possible to achieve an ideal vertical when making straight products. We release up to 1700 rpm daily.  straight edge.

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Шлифовка стекла

What is glass polishing and when is it needed?

Glass polishing is the process of removing scratches, stains, or any other defects from the glass surface using special tools and equipment. This process may be necessary when microscratches, water stains, or other surface damage appear on the glass that impairs the appearance or reduces transparency.

What are the methods of glass polishing?

There are several methods of glass polishing, including mechanical polishing with abrasive materials, chemical polishing with special reagents that dissolve the top layer of glass, and ultrasonic polishing to achieve the best results at the micro level.

Can I remove any scratches from the glass?

Not all scratches can be removed by sanding. Deep scratches that penetrate deep into the glass structure may remain visible even after polishing. However, most superficial scratches and defects can be successfully removed with the right grinding techniques.

How long does the glass grinding process take?

The duration of the process depends on the size and degree of damage to the glass. Small stains or scratches can be removed in a few hours, while larger or deeper defects may require several days of work.

Does polishing affect the strength of glass?

Proper polishing should not adversely affect the strength of the glass. Professional polishing removes only a minimal layer of glass without disturbing its structure. However, it is important to use the services of experienced professionals to avoid possible damage to the glass during the process.

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